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Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013

Health Inspections

Teppanyaki Grill & Buffet

Teppanyaki Grill & Buffet

9043 West Broad Street, Henrico, Va


Henrico Health District

Facility Location:

Facility Information:

Facility Type:  
Phone Number:  
# of Critical Violations on Last Inspection:  Entry not found in index
# of Non-Critical Violations on Last Inspection:  Entry not found in index

Definition of critical and non critical violations

Facility Inspection History:
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Inspection Type   Inspection Date   Violations
Follow-up Inspection  17-Apr-2014  0 critical
Follow-up Inspection  8-Apr-2014  0 critical
Routine Inspection  7-Apr-2014  5 critical
Risk Factor Inspection  30-Oct-2013  2 critical
Follow-up Inspection  4-Mar-2013  0 critical
Routine Inspection  21-Feb-2013  3 critical

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