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Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013


Salaries of local officials 2010

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One of a newspaper’s most important roles is to find out how your tax dollars are spent. So for the second year in a row, the Richmond Times-Dispatch requested the salaries of taxpayer-paid employees -- government and school workers and law-enforcement officials -- in Central Virginia.

For the 2008-2009 fiscal year, we limited our Freedom of Information Act request to those who earned $100,000 or more -- about 500 people in Richmond and the 19 counties and cities that surround it.

For the 2009-2010 fiscal year, we broadened our request to include all government and school employees, about 45,000 people. We expanded the database to include all employees paid with public dollars to make the report as complete as possible but have since decided to include only the names of those who earn more than the average for that group — $42,648.

You can sort our salary data by name, location, by type of job and by government branch (local governments vs. schools). We also have separate breakouts of the top 25 salaries in the area, salaries of top area executives and salaries of top law enforcement officials.

Online Database by Caspio
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Information provided by local governments and school systems. Data current as of March 2010.


Chris I. Young - database processing/production. Kevin Reilly, Abdellatif Boudaouch, and Terry Winternheimer - production.

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